“All wine starts in the vineyard, that’s why we sought and found the perfect vineyard for our C. Elizabeth wine—beautiful, challenging, and worth it”
– Bill Nancarrow

Game Farm Vineyard is nestled in the heart of Oakville in Napa Valley. The vineyard was planted to Cabernet Sauvignon on the old Rector Creek bed.


The vineyard has two distinct blocks within it. On the southern portion of the vineyard is the “Rock Pit” block, so named for its lack of topsoil and an abundance of large rocks—reminiscent of the rocky vineyards often seen in the Rhone Valley’s Chateauneuf-du-Pape region. The northern segment of the vineyard is the “Trailside” block. While this block is rocky as well, its magic comes from its red loam topsoil, delivering grapes with enhanced texture and a broader profile.

The mature vines in these blocks thrive in their environment: vine roots are stressed due to lack of water which forces them to dig deep underground for water and nutrients. The resulting grapes are concentrated and intensely expressive. While each vintage is different, these two distinct blocks give us great options for crafting the perfect blend year in and out.